As courses reach advanced levels, a student is expected to step up and do more learning on his own as he prepares for a career or some type of higher education. It becomes even more important to know how to learn. This is also time to do some self-assessment and begin to explore potential occupations. Mentaur Learning provides assessment tools and higher level study skills to help students with both their educational needs and occupational decisions.

SAT/ACT Preparation

Every college bound student’s nemesis is the dreaded College Entrance Exam. However, another way to view this test is in terms of its potential for good rather than evil. A high score on either one of these exams can help garner scholarship money, get a student in-state tuition at an out-of-state school, or even pave the way to entry into an elite school. Rather than dreading the test, a student should look at the exam as an opportunity, on one test and on one day, to achieve a cherished goal. Also the dollar and time investment put into preparing for this test could save thousands on college costs!

Other College placement tests (Accuplacer, NCDAP)

Whether you are a college freshman or getting a late start in college, no one wants to waste money taking a class that they already took in High School. Taking the time to prepare for your college placement exam can save you both time and money.

GRE/GMAT Preparation

For adults who are forging ahead and going to grad school, test preparation once again comes into play. Mentaur Learning is prepared to help pass the test the first time!

College Planning

College Planning should begin in 9th grade with an eye towards making sure a student is taking the courses and building a transcript that will be attractive to prospective colleges. Mentaur can provide a reference to a college planner who can assist students and families with college planning that focuses on finding the right “fit” for your child and helping students consider possible majors and potential occupations. Whether or not a student plans to go to college, it is important to know that every student will need some type of post-high school learning or training in order to achieve their chosen occupation.