Summer Programs

summerMentaur Learning Center – Summer Programs
Catch Up! Keep Up! One Up!

Give your student an edge
for the next school year of 2017-2018

CATCH UP! If your child needs to get up to grade level, we can help raise his/her Reading and Math competency.

KEEP UP! If you want your child to be ready for the next grade level, our summer programs will build on current knowledge and start the next grade level.

ONE UP! If you want your child to start the new school year ahead of the game, we can help him/her work on the next grade’s curriculum or courses. Or you might want your child to learn a Foreign Language or improve his/her study skills, Writing, and/or Reading speed and comprehension.
In any case, your student will start the new school year with confidence! Classes will be held two times per week for one hour on either a Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday schedule, unless otherwise noted.

Reading Series

Help your Pre-K through rising 12th grade students increase their reading skills and comprehension.

  • Pre-K & Early Elementary – Decoding, Phonics, Sight Words, and Beginning Reading
  • Elementary – “Making Connections” Reading and “Wordly Wise” Vocabulary
  • Middle School – “MORE” Reading Series and “Sadlier-Oxford” Vocabulary
  • High School – As a student reaches higher grade levels and prepares for college, it is necessary to have solid reading skills, including speed, comprehension and vocabulary. This course will help prepare a student for the complex questions on college entrance exams and for their English classes. A writing component will be incorporated as well.

Math Series

Math always builds on itself. Help your student continue to build his/her skills and be ready for the next level.

    • Pre-K & Early Elementary – Math Readiness and Early Concepts – Begin building a foundation for Core Curriculum standard practices
    • Elementary – Core Curriculum requires more thinking and estimation skills vs. process and rote memorization; we’ll help students by stimulating independent thought
    • Middle School – Preparation & Remediation –Covering pre-Algebra and pre-Geometry concepts, as well as numbers and operations
    • High School – Preparation & Remediation – We will work with your child throughout the summer to remediate skills from the previous year and provide an introduction to the next level course. Includes all Math classes from Algebra 1 through Calculus

Writing, Grammar & Vocabulary

  • Elementary – Handwriting, Story Creation & Vocabulary
  • Middle School – Meeting twice per week through the summer.
  • High School – Meeting once per week through the summer.

While technology is moving towards more visual and cryptic means of communicating, scientific research proves that writing is still essential to learning and information processing, as well as to effective communication. The Core curriculum incorporates more writing into all subjects, not just math, so competent writing skills are essential. Another benefit is that better writers make better readers.

Study Skills

  • Middle School: Self-Assessment, Note-taking, Organization & Time management – 6 hours during August and September

Does the inside of your student’s back pack look like a rat’s nest? Does your student turn in his/her assignments on time? Does your student know how to learn and study? Knowing how to take notes, study and manage time and stuff can make learning much easier and certainly less stressful. This course will empower a student to better manage his/her learning and accomplish more in less time.

  • High School/College: Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI), Note-taking, Organization & Time management – 6 hours over 4 weeks, Dates TBD by students in conjunction with the instructor.

Do you really know how to study? Do you know what your learning style is, so you can tailor your efforts to get the maximum benefit? Are you able to comprehend and pull vital information from your assigned reading to get through it faster? Knowing how to take notes, study, read for learning and manage your time can make learning much easier and certainly less stressful.

Test Preparation

  • SAT/ACT Test Preparation – Beginning mid-July and other start dates in August and September depending on length of course chosen
    Both courses and customized, one-on-one instruction will be available for the September ACT and October SAT. Selections vary from 6-hour strategy courses to 12-hour strategy plus content courses. Most courses are one-on-one, but can be done as a group if needed.

One-on-One Tutoring

In addition to camps and courses, one-on-one tutoring will be available throughout the summer in all subjects. If your student struggled to pass an EOG, some remediation of the concepts will help ease his/her way into the next year. We can help your student get a jump start, get ahead and stay ahead.


All classes are taught by certified teachers or curriculum specialists. The price for a summer, 6-week course is $360. Prices vary for test preparation and study skills courses. For further information or to register for a class, call Mentaur Learning Center at 704-489-4888.