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Our Name

Mentaur Learning Center derives its name from two sources: an owl known as a “Mentaur Scops,” which lives on an island in southeast Asia, and the word “mentor,” which means “wise and trusted counselor/teacher.” Associating owls with wisdom dates back at least as far as Ancient Greece where Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, had the owl as her symbol.

At Mentaur Learning, we strive to be “wise and trusted teachers” who each use their specific skill set to guide all types of students toward success in their individually set goal.

Our Mission
Our History

Mentaur Learning has been locally owned and operated since it opened its doors in 2010. The original owner, Ginny Wirzbicki, felt Lincoln county could benefit from an affordable tutoring center.  Ginny had worked at the Davidson Center and decided to use that as a model for Mentaur.  Although the business has relocated twice, it still remains in Denver and is close enough to attract students from Lincolnton, Stanley, Pumpkin Center, Maiden, Catawba, Charlotte, and even Belmont.

In the summer of 2016, Ginny and her husband decided to move to Florida. Since she wanted the Mentaur tradition to continue, she offered the business to her tutors. Carolynn Wesche, who had been working at the center since January, 2016, decided to accept. Ginny is still associated with Mentaur as a tutor via Skype and as a college planner.

Why Tutoring?

If your child is struggling, time is of the essence. Mentaur’s reasonably priced homework help and one-on-one tutoring can assist your child with keeping up in class or re-mediating to help him or her catch up. If you are considering obtaining tutoring of some kind, the sooner you get started the better. End-of-grade tests in the spring take a whole year to prepare for in school, so we are here to help before your child gets too far behind.

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