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In High School, the pace quickens, and the complexity of the material increases. Mentaur Learning is equipped to aid in all levels of Math (High School and College), Chemistry, English, Writing, and History. When performance in every class is now part of a transcript, it’s important to get help before getting too overwhelmed.

SAT/ACT Preparation

Mentaur Learning offers year-round ACT and SAT prep, and seasonal PSAT prep.  All prep plans are one on one and are individualized to the student. Taking advantage of preparing for these tests, can secure acceptances to school of choice, garner scholarships, or earn in state tuition to an out of state school.

Other College placement tests (Accuplacer, NCDAP)

Why take a class you don’t have to? Mentaur Learning can prepare you for a college placement test which will save time and money.

GRE/GMAT Preparation

For adults who are forging ahead and going to grad school, test preparation once again comes into play. Mentaur Learning is prepared to help pass the test the first time!

College Planning

While Mentaur Learning no longer has an in house college planner, we can refer you to one and work in unison with them on any tutoring or test prep plan.

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