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All the tutors at Mentaur Learning Center are professional educators and/or experts in their fields. They enjoy working with students and especially appreciate the opportunity to be more creative and flexible in their approach to instruction than is possible in a classroom setting. We have teachers who are trained to instruct students from kindergarten through high school and undergraduate studies, covering English, Math, History, and Chemistry.

The Math Department

Carolynn Wesche

Carolynn Wesche is the new owner/director of Mentaur Learning. She tutors all levels of Math and works with students on the Math sections of the ACT and SAT. She graduated from NC State University with a BS in Mathematics. Her first job was in the insurance industry where she worked as an actuary and statistical analyst before starting a family. After spending time at home to raise her children and moving with her family to Texas, Carolynn began tutoring and substitute teaching. Soon after, she got her teaching certification in Special Education and Mathematics 4-12. She worked as a High School Special Education teacher for 3 years then moved into the Mathematics Department where she taught Algebra, Geometry, Math Modeling, and Algebra 2. In May 2015, Carolynn and her husband moved back to North Carolina, settling in Denver. She began tutoring at Mentaur in January 2016 and took over as owner in July 2016. Math is her passion, and she enjoys seeing students who struggle in Math find success.

Rich Waterman

Rich is a former IT specialist who took up tutoring after he retired. While living in Colorado, Rich started tutoring through his own business Moose Ideas. Since moving to Denver, he has decided to work in collaboration with Mentaur Learning to connect with more local students. Right now, Rich is going to help with middle and high school math and all subjects for the ACT and SAT prep.

The English & Reading Department

Candace Crowell

Candace specializes in Reading for grades 1-4. Since retiring from her job as a Medical Physicist and working in several Radiation Oncology Centers, Candace attended Augustine Literacy Project (ALP training in Hickory. She achieved certification in ALP after volunteering 60 lessons with a child with learning disabilities in grades 1 and 2. Part of the training included training in the Wilson Reading Program, which she uses in her lessons with her students today. Candace is very active in the Westport Community Association and fosters dogs through the PAWS program in Denver.

Elizabeth Roper

Elizabeth is our in-house English tutor. She works with all levels of students in Reading, English and Writing, and also with high school students for ACT and SAT prep. Elizabeth has a bachelor of arts degree in English and Education from Marquette University and a Masters degree in Psychology and Education from Indiana University. Elizabeth’s previous work experience as a teacher and mental health liaison with the educational system makes her an understanding, compassionate, and qualified tutor.

The Science Department

Phil Trotter

Phil is our only Science instructor specializing in Chemistry but can also teacher all levels of high school math. He graduated from Mississippi College with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree and started his career as junior high and high school math and science teacher. Phil lives out of state, however thanks to advances in technology, he can work with his students via Skype from our center or from the student’s home.

The list above shows our current dedicated core staff, but we are constantly adding qualified tutors who share Mentaur’s vision to help students achieve success.

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